Why MyBitSecure?


Because we offer effective, affordable and specialised Cyber Security & Information Technology (I.T) Management Solutions to Organisations as well as Home Users.

Our target market

We target Small & Medium-sized Organisations as well as Home Users; of particular interest are Small & Medium sized Businesses!

But why Small Organisations?

Small & Medium-sized businesses make prime targets for cybercriminals, competitors and disgruntled parties.

Why do Hackers target Small & Medium Businesses?

Because they have more digital assets to target than an individual consumer has, but less security than a larger enterprise. Due to their lack of resources, small & medium-sized businesses generally have the least-protected websites, accounts and network systems — making cyberattacks a relatively easy job.

What makes us different?

Besides offering a number of dependable and cost effective Cyber Security & I.T Management Solutions, MyBitSecure‘s Codename ‘D3m0’ Project enables our Team to not only built an awesome custom Firewall Security System solution for you; but also make arrangements to initially give you the security solution as a Demo unit to test drive (at no costs) for at least two weeks before you make your final decision. Please Note: The ‘D3m0’ only applies to our Firewall Network Security Solution. That being said, below are more reasons why we are different;

Secure Security Solutions – we at MyBitSecure take information security & integrity seriously; our Network & Storage Security Solutions are powered by an Open Source-based software known to be ‘very secure’ as it continuously goes through independent code review (during it’s development cycle). The audit process ensures that any bugs that are identified or vulnerabilities found during the code review are patched and recommitted to the software; in the end it dramatically helps improve the quality of the software behind our products! Don’t fall victim to vendors who sell promises of mitigation based on fear or sell security solutions powered by known insecure software; see following Link with a list of manufactures whose devices are known to be vulnerable (as of this writing). Tired of being insecure? Look no further…!

Private Cyber Security Consultants – we at MyBitSecure take confidentiality seriously; our small & dedicated Team strives to always have a One to One relationship with our clients. We value your information and will always make sure our service is rendered on a more personal basis than in mass-market information security. When you are faced with problems, we make sure you will always deal with the same dedicated Cyber Security Consultant. Don’t deal with Providers who make you stand in the queue and allocate a different consultant every time you call, besides it’s delicate information at hand. Tired of explaining your query, over & over? Look no further…!

Skilled Professionals – Besides being passionate about Information Security, we at MyBitSecure are experts when it comes to the Cyber Security & I.T Management Solutions Domain. Our Team is made up of highly skilled, qualified & experienced professional who have been in the I.T Domain for at least Eight (8) years; mostly majoring in Information Security, Cyber Security & Offensive Security. The team comprises of highly skilled Certified Ethical Hackers, Cyber Security Specialists, Project Managers, Security & Systems Administrators, Security Engineers, Developers and *nix Security Specialists. We have expert, up-to-date knowledge & a proven track record working in the Information Security space. That being said; who better test the security posture of your environment than the MyBitSecure Team that specialises & has extensive knowledge & professional skills in administrating, engineering, developing, implementing, managing & securing information systems, solutions & technologies? Look no further…!

Exceptional Customer Service  We are nothing without our Clients’ support. MyBitSecure works tirelessly towards making sure we are always available when our clients need us, on top of that, we try to deliver our products faster, to always make the customer happy & above all, be fully involved in helping our clients solve their problems.That being said, MyBitSecure believes communication is key & results are better achieved when we work together as a Team, right? MyBitSecure continuously involves it’s clients in it’s community based Projects & Drills, we all know an organisations security is as strong as it’s weakest link (the Human usually being the most affected) & that the best defense against internal or external breaches be it at home or at work is not technology alone. The goal is fostering a mindset on every individual so that actions that reinforce this culture become instinctive. Fundamentally, I.T Security is about people! I.T Security Awareness is the culture! Together as one, we will fight Cybercrime! Wanna be a part? Look no further…!

And more!, this is by no means a conclusive list, please Contact Us for more info!