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Projects & Drills that we at MyBitSecure are currently involved in. Feel free to be a part of this awesome community…!

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Have you ever had a brilliant I.T Security idea, which you needed an expert to tailor-make for you but where hesitant to pursue because you felt that you might end up not liking the idea / product at a later stage, or because of your fear of the costs involved? Well, look no further, The MyBitSecure Team will not only built an awesome custom solution for you, but will make arrangements to initially give you the security solution as a Demo unit to test drive (at no costs) for at least two weeks before you make your final decision.

There are many different ways of falling in love with a product! MyBitSecure’s Codename ‘D3m0’ Project Plan emphasizes on the fun way. Please feel free to contact us for more information pertaining to our customised ‘D3m0’ solutions, alternatively you can visit the following link!

Come up with an idea, we machine it for you, you test drive, you decide whether you still want to push it to the limits!MyBitSecure

C:\> I.T Security Awareness

I.T Security AwarenessCreating a culture of I.T Security Awareness is one of MyBitSecure‘s main objectives. We all know that the best defense against internal or external breaches be it at home, school or at work is not technology alone. The goal is fostering an I.T Security conscious mindset on participating Individuals,Organisations & Academic Institutions through our I.T Security Awareness Programs; so that actions that reinforce this culture become instinctive.

Fundamentally, I.T Security is about people! I.T Security Awareness is the culture!MyBitSecure

r00t@X:~# ‘Modded Raspberry Pi’

The future ‘generation’ starts now, why not introduce your young kid to this awesome computer kit designed to help them assemble a computer from scratch, and learn basic coding skills. These toys are turning today’s kids into tomorrow’s inventors, what better way of turning your kid into a technogeek by joining this awesome community based ‘Modded Raspberry Pi’ Project!


Ooh by the way, this toy runs MINECRAFT!

This customisable computer is as simple as Lego and powered by Raspberry Pi. It’s the best gift & perfect way for kids to learn about computers! – MyBitSecure

@ut0m@t3 B0r1ng…!

The Automate Boring Project is the new kid on the block. Ever wanted to build your own smart house or world? Join this community based project made up of a lot of think-a-lots!!! Are you interested in micro-controller (MCU) based programming? Why wait, come let’s automate it!!! By it, we mean everything 🙂

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Automate the boring stuff with this Do it yourself (DIY) kit. Wanna be hackers, this kit will help you control the physical world with sensors and actuators! Yeah, I didn’t say “control with Bots!”MyBitSecure