Our Team


MyBitSecure comprises of a team of highly skilled I.T Security professionals, made up of Certified Ethical Hackers, Cyber Security Specialists, Project Managers, Security & Systems Administrators, Security Engineers, Developers and *nix Security Specialists; who have a strong passion for securing anything that purrs Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, Windows or BSD. We provide effective, affordable and specialised Cyber Security & Information Technology (I.T) Management Solutions to Organisations as well as Home Users. We at MyBitSecure eat, breathe & live anything “that speaks & understands 1‘s & 0‘s”; from an I.T Security perspective! That being said, we value being part of an ‘I.T Security-conscious’ organization!

Key technologies that MyBitSecure uses include; Linux (Debian, Ubuntu & CentOS) Server, FreeBSD Server, Mac OS X Server, Windows Server, VMware, Docker, PHP, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Javascript, Apache2, NginX, WordPress, Angularjs, Symfony, Metasploit, Burpsuite to name a few!

Who better test the security posture of your environment than the MyBitSecure Team that specialises & has extensive knowledge & professional skills in administrating, engineering, developing, implementing, managing & ‘ethically hacking’ a.k.a ‘penetration testing’ information systems, solutions & technologies?