Managed Security Solutions


Network Security

Firewall Systems  It is a well known fact that, not having a perimeter Firewall System on your network is analogous to leaving the front door of your house open, anyone can walk in and out without you even or ever knowing! Basically a firewall is like a ‘Network Security Guard’, it controls, monitors and logs all incoming and outgoing traffic, in and out of your network. We at MyBitsecure pride ourselves in offering a state of the art Firewall System based on one of the leading Open Source driven Network Security Solution. Our Team will not only deploy a fully functional and customised solution meant for Academic Institutions, Small to Medium Business Enterprises and Home users but will also maintain and administer the Firewall System(s). This setup or arrangement not only leaves our clients with a peace of mind from an I.T Security perspective, but enables them to focus on their core business whilst we do the heavy lifting. Some benefits of implementing our Network Firewall Security Solution are:

  • Firewall to allow, block or reject specific incoming or outgoing network traffic to and from your network, respectively. This control mechanism allows only legit traffic to flow in and out of our client’s network which helps prevent unauthorised or malicious internal and external network access.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access which enables offsite employees or employees who are mostly on the go (roaming) to remotely and securely connect to their Head Office’s network and access resources as if they are locally based. This helps improve productivity for employees that work via virtual workplaces as they can work from anywhere.


Storage Security

File Servers – A File Server is a dedicated computer whose main role is to share data storage over a computer network. The files stored on a File Server can range from documents, audio, videos, images, databases to name a few. It’s because of the nature of data, usually sensitive, stored centrally on these machines, why File Servers play a pivotal role. We at MyBitsecure ensure we offer a File Server solution that is secure in the sense that;

    1. We configure the File Server in a way that only allows authorised people to access folders or files (hosted on the File Server) they have been specifically grant access to over the network. This prevents unauthorised or malicious internal and external folder or file access.
    2. Data can still be accessed in the event of a hardware failure due to the storage redundancy feature that comes configured on the File Server.
    3. In the event of physical theft, only authorised people can access the data on the File Server physically. That is, even if the Storage drives are taken out, the military grade encryption will prevent or render the storage unusable and inaccessible unless one has the decryption keys which we safely guard!

Our File Server solution meant for Home users, Academic Institutions, Small to Medium Business Enterprises is based on the leading Open Source Network Attached Storage Operating System.

Information Management Security

Intrusion Detection Systems – As experienced I.T Security Specialists, one thing we have learnt over the years at MyBitsecure is, most Systems and Network Administrators spend a lot of time investing in hardware and software tools to try and prevent external network attacks but tend to forget that attacks can also originate from their internal network. These attacks are usually carried out by disgruntled employees, innocent security unconscious employees who are unknowingly tricked into giving out their passwords via social engineering, external contractors who have ulterior motives etc. We at MyBitsecure prioritise data integrity and confidentiality and offer an added layer of security in the form of a Host-based Intrusion Detection System Server. The Host-based Intrusion Detection System Server monitors internal servers and performs log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response on the specified machines. Our Intrusion Detection Systems solution targeted mostly at Academic Institutions, Small to Medium Business Enterprises is based on one of the leading Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System Server Application. Some benefits of implementing our Host-based Intrusion Detection System Server solution are:

  • File Integrity check enables notifications to be sent to the relevant people when system files are changed, modified or removed so they can act accordingly. One thing that is common to any attack on computers and networks is, the system is changed in some way.
  • Rootkit detection enables notifications to be send out when backdoors or malware change your system in this way. Hackers are known to plant backdoors on systems they compromise so as to hide their activities & be able to connect back without being detected.


Email Security

Unified Email Security   Real-time email application software to protect you from spam, malware and advanced email threats. Most hacks use Social Engineering as the attack vector; 90% of hacking attacks begin with phishing or spear phishing. Phishing is an attempt that involves tricking the victim into disclosing private information by opening a malicious email; the attacker poses as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. We at MyBitsecure have partnered with one of the leading Email Security solutions Provider to offer the following;

  • Targeted threat protection.
  • Secure messaging & Encryption.
  • Data leak prevention


Device & Internet Security

Device & Internet Security Solutions   Real-time malware prevention, detection and removal software for Laptops, Desktops & Servers. Hackers are known to plant malicious software on a victims computer to take full control of it. Why even allow them to in the first place? MyBitsecure have partnered with the best Device & Internet Security solutions providers to offer the following;

  • Internet security to protect you online on your devices with the latest protection technology.
  • Safer online banking & shopping.
  • Protect your children online.
  • Protects against ransomware.


And more!, this is by no means a conclusive list, please Contact Us for further inquiries pertaining to our Managed Security Solutions.