Information Security Consulting


As Information Security Consultants we oversee the functioning of the information security measures; that is, lead, plan, design, and implement the best security solutions for an organization’s needs. Our duties and responsibilities are to protect organizations against malware, hackers, employee mistakes and natural disasters. We at MyBitSecure offer I.T Security Consultation solutions to Organisations. Besides being Security Advisors, we are your first line of Information security defense; some of the Information Security Consulting services we offer are as follows;

  • We determine the most effective way to protect systems against any possible attacks.
  • We inform organisations on new, active & trending security threats.
  • We plan, research and design robust security architectures for any IT project.
  • We update and upgrade security systems as needed.
  • We define, implement and maintain corporate security policies.
  • We deliver technical reports and formal papers on test findings.
  • We perform vulnerability, risk & security assessments, to mitigate risks on an ongoing basis.
  • We serve as advisory board for the organisation on security concerns and issues.
  • We assist restore normal service operations, while minimizing impact to business operations.


And more, this is by no means a conclusive list, please Contact Us for further inquiries pertaining to our I.T Security Consulting Solutions.