MyBitSecure – Codename ‘D3m0’ Project

By MyBitSecure –  March 13, 2017 –

Have you ever had a brilliant I.T Security idea, which you needed an expert to tailor-make for you but where hesitant to pursue because you felt that you might end up not liking the idea / product at a later stage, or because of your fear of the costs involved? Well, look no further, The MyBitSecure Team will not only built an awesome custom solution for you, but will make arrangements to initially give you the Hardware-based security solution as a Demo unit to test drive (at no costs) for at least two weeks before you make your final decision. Below is a list of MyBitSecure’s I.T Security solutions on Demo! 


Target Market: Conference Centers, Restaurants, Bars and Small Communities

Features that come with the Captive Solution;

  • Enables businesses to allow clients to only connect to the Internet after authenticating either via a user name & password or voucher number provided by the business owner.
  • Captive solution is configured in such a way, once clients successfully connect to the business’ network, they are automatically redirected to a page of the business owner’s choice. Page can be for marketing purposes. An example is, clients get redirected to your Facebook page and asked to ‘LIKE’ the page before proceeding to access other websites.

The Captive Solution is ideal for businesses wishing to kill two birds with one stone, that is, grow or expand both their client base & web presence via Social Media.



Target Market: Home Users, Academic Institutions, Small to Medium Business Enterprises

Features that come with the Wireshark Solution;

  • Allows businesses to prevent specific devices from accessing the internet or locally based network resources, access can be scheduled or block permanently ; e.g. prevent a specific computer from accessing a specific printer.
  • Allows businesses to monitor internet, local network & WiFi bandwidth usage anytime; reports that enable you to see what is or who is using a lot of network data can also be generated.
  • Allows businesses to monitors websites being visited by network users; that is, see what your network users do on the internet most of the time in real-time.
  • Allows businesses to watch network traffic / throughput in real-time; see what is or who is slowing your network at any given time.
  • Allows businesses to block specific traffic or files from being downloaded by network users; e.g block the downloading of torrents from specific machines.
  • Allows businesses to prevent & monitor malicious network traffic; block bad traffic on your network; bad traffic can be due to a service, local network user or hacker who has gained access to your network and is trying to sent sensitive information from your internal network to the outside world.

The Wireshark solution is ideal for businesses wanting full control of their network, that is from a Reporting, Blocking, Filtering, Accounting & Monitoring perspective!



Target Market: Home Users, Academic Institutions, Small to Medium Business Enterprises

Features that come with the Blocker Solution;

  • Allows businesses to prevent or block network users from visiting specific websites or internal web portals; prevent access to unauthorized sites & sites hosting bad content.

The Blocker solution is ideal for businesses wanting full control of their web surfing experience. It’s usually ideal for academic institutions or home users who want to prevent their network users from accessing or viewing websites hosting bad content e.g Adult, Weapons, Drugs web content (to name a few).


Asta La Vista

Target Market: Any (preferably Medium to Large Enterprises and Academic Institutions)

Features that come with the Asta La Vista Solution;

  • This solution emphasises on Redundancy, Load Balancing & Failover.
  • The solution, based on the Level (there are 3 Configuration Levels) can be setup accordingly.
  • Level 1 – emphasises on Redundancy and comes in two configurations; The first configuration makes sure even if one of the Firewall machine’s internal hard drive crashes, the system will not go down, as back up drives will kick in. The second configuration makes sure if one of the external interface (Wide Area Network – WAN) facing links goes down, the other second WAN network link will kick in.
  • Level 2 – emphasises on Load Balancing. Load balancing deals with the dividing or distribution of traffic among the Firewall’s external WAN interfaces. It can also be used to distribute incoming web traffic requests to multiple internal web servers (web farm) sitting usually in the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ).
  • Level 3 – emphasises on Failover. Failover requires additional hardware hence the configuration requires an additional and identical firewall server. The configuration will consist of two firewall servers constantly in sync such that if the primary dies, the backup will seamlessly kick in and take it’s place.

The Asta La Vista solution is ideal and generally only necessary or required within large, sensitive or mission critical systems. The configuration’s main purposes is to provide 100% connectivity uptime to it’s respective network users and network based services.



Target Market: Any

The Hybrid solution is a more granular solution that consists of a mixture of some or any of the solutions mentioned above.