About Us


Our beliefs

Our passion stems from the fact that, more and more companies are turning to Open Source software for its reliability, security, flexibility, support options and cost savings. It’s for this reason why Open Source software holds numerous other compelling advantages for businesses, some of them even more valuable than the software’s low price! We believe the time is right for more Home users, Academic Institutions, Small & Medium Business Enterprises to embrace and utilize this unparalleled technology especially considering the fact that, we at MyBitSecure will not only do the heavy lifting for you but will hold your hand and guide you through this remarkable journey of discovery, securely, from an information security & technology perspective!

What we do!

We at MyBitSecure offer the following Open Source-Based I.T Security Solutions;

  • Open Source-based Server Security Solutions in the form of Firewall Servers, File Servers or Host-based Intrusion Detection System Servers to help protect your internal and external network traffic, valuable data through high-end encryption and internal Servers integrity from unauthorised or malicious internal and external network, file and server access.
  • Open Source-based Server Solutions to help manage Network and Digital Media in the form of Linux Servers, that can acts as a Domain Controller, Gateway or Messaging Server, and Digital Media Player Servers to play all your local and network based digital media in the form of videos, music to name a few.
  • Penetration Testing solutions also known as Ethical Hacking solutions to help evaluate the security of your I.T Infrastructure. Our Certified Ethical Hackers with your signed consent, will legally try to hack your network(s), website(s), systems (simulate an actual attack) for the purposes of finding and fixing any computer security vulnerabilities before the actual bad guys ‘Black Hat Hackers’ do!
  • Open Source-Based Application & Website Security Solutions that includes developing of  custom WordPress plugins, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Desktop Apps, Custom API End Points, Website and Templates. We also harden your site(s) to make sure important Content Management Systems (CMS) system files, backend portals and site content and file structures are not easily accessible for modification or exploitation. This helps prevent unnecessary downtime due to breaches, hacks or web defacing.
  • Information Security Consulting that includes, helping determine the most effective way to protect computers, networks, software, data and information systems against any possible attacks; this will help us design and implement the best security solutions for an organization’s needs. We also perform vulnerability testing, risk analyses and security assessments, so as to help mitigate risks on an ongoing basis.
  • Vulnerability Assessment solutions which enable us to scan applications and systems to identify vulnerabilities; in the end, this helps to ensure the secure configuration and implementation of information technology solutions or information systems. This solution uses manual techniques and methods to gain a better understanding of the environment and reduce or prevent unnecessary downtime due to breaches or hacks
  • We are also involved in community based projects, that is, I.T Security Awareness programs, The ‘Modded Raspberry Pi’ project, HACK ME like there is no tomorrow project & CODE ME if you can to name a few.
  • And more, this is by no means a conclusive list, please visit our  Services and Projects page(s) for more detailed information.


What we don’t offer!

  • We do not offer any I.T Desktop or “related electronics gadgets” Support, that is, we do not support or repair any Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Netbooks, Smartphones, unless specifically supplied by MyBitSecure!
  • We do not support any Windows, Linux, UNIX, BSD or Apple Servers, Desktops or Laptops, unless specifically supplied by MyBitSecure!
  • We do not offer or are not involved in any illegal hacking activities, that is, we do not offer any services to hack people’s emails, Websites, networks or online web-based services! MyBitSecure‘s I.T Security Awareness program is also not in any way meant to teach people how to hack!
  • MyBitSecure‘s Media Player Server Solutions do not come with any media, that is, movies, music, pictures stored on them. Users have to import their on media!